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SACS - Structural Analysis Computer System, is an integrated structural analysis software package used by the commercial industry world wide. Developed by Engineering Dynamics, Inc., this is the most comprehensive design and analysis package offered to both the offshore and the general structure design industries.


The Financial Client Satisfaction Index (FCSI) is a service of the American Bankers Association (ABA).  FCSI was designed to enable banks to measure and monitor customer satisfaction. It was created to make maximum use of the Internet; and, as a result, offers banks a very cost effective solution.


Finance Operations Center Course Registration System


The FOC Registration System is an intranet web-based registration system that enables Entergy employees to browse and register for courses offered by Entergy?s Finance Operations Center. 


The Offshore Operators Committee (OOC) website is focused on providing its member operators with information and technical support that will assist them in conducting their offshore activities in a manner that will promote sound safety and environmental operational practice.


The Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans represents over 36,000 apartments as well as their owners, management companies and the industry product and service providers throughout Southeast Louisiana. 



Nordonia Computer Services, Inc.


Online work order system. The system allows Nordonia Computer Services, to enter work orders and assign them to sub-contactors. The system keeps client information and work order history. It also keeps sub-contrator information including technicians. It also keeps track of labor hours and parts used on the work order.


Provides address information on the Baaklini and Germani families from Bzebdine and Shweir, Lebanon, as well as from around the world.



Contractor Safety System


The Contractor Safety System allows the contractor to enter monthly accident information online. Contractors will have a predetermined period of time in which they can go back and update information for the current period. Contractors are able to view reports with YTD figures, trends, and targets. Contractors are able to compare their safety record with other contractors.

Internal News System


The Internal News enables our client to produce, publish, and manage News Content for the internal websites.